Since 1975, We are one of best in Flexible Packaging Materials manufacturer and only peoples with

  multi-national technology in this business in Korea as well as specialized manufacturer of Hot Stamping

  Foil / Heat Transferring Foil, Heat Sealable Laminating Pouch & Film, Flexible Packaging Materials and

  Aluminium Foil Container Manufacturing Machine & Tools, with 25 year experience and expertise to help

  customers produce cost efficient and better quality products.


   We are also engaged in the field of Flexible Packaging Materials for Electronics and Bio-chemistry, etc

  with a wide variety of products and application and we enjoy a high reputation as a leading manufacturer

  of Special Package for the electronics industries needs from the concept and design to the final



   Won Ji International Inc. is proceeding technological innovation with the hope of quality life culture and

  creating the new wave of packaging culture in new millenium year.

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