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  What is Hot Stamping ?

  Hot Stamping is a dry printing process in which a color pigment or metallic  material is transferred from

  a continuous film sheet to the object being  decorated. The application of controlled heat and pressure

  releases the  color from the carrier film using an image dry or roller and bonds it  permanently to the

  chosen object. The process is clean, dry and fast, and  free from problems commonly associated

  with wet ink printing processes.


  Our Hot stamping Foil / Heat Transfer Foil is, one of important items for  your hot stamping work, made

  up of a polyester carrier, a number of  lacquer layers and an adhesive sizing. During the process a

  heated stamping  wheel or engraved stamping dies activates the very thin lacquer layers by  means of

  heat and pressure. This caused the lacquer layers to bond  permanently with substrate of plastic,

  paper, thermal paper or lacquered  wooden products such as photo frames and pencils.


  Our Hot Stamping / Heat Transfer Foil provides you freedom to plastic &  lacquered wood products with

  excellent long lasting multi colored upto  9 colors printing in various finishing as Glossy, Matt and

  Metallized on  one strokes. Applications of hot stamping on various plastic grades as PP,  PS, ABS,

  Acrylic, PVC and PE etc.


  You have encountered Hot Stamping in such everyday items as greeting cards  and book cover, TV

  cabinets and cosmetic containers, appliance and toys,  recycling containers and ball point pens. From

  simple gold leaf to full color  process reproduction of photographs, Hot Stamping is a cost efficient

  decorating  technique that is easy to set up, clean to operate, and capable of productions  that will last

  for years while creating a profit center for your business that you  may will have looked.