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 As one of the most common method of hot stamping, during the up-and-down stamping process the foil

 is transferred to the substrate by means of a heated silicon roller with an intermittent up-and-down  movement.

 The method is among others suitable for the high precision perfectly defined application of single images

  onto flat or round shaped products, such as plastic bottles.

: Main Spec : WJ 200 x2 head Index Auto Stamping

 Foil Feeding Distance

 0 - ∞ mm

 Stamping pressure  

 300 Kg

 Heat Plate   

 240 x 150 mm - 2 Head

 Heat Capacity      

 400 W x 4 plate

 Temp. Control

 O  -399  

 Power Source

 220 V x 2 phase


 1400 x 1700 x 1750

 Net Weight

 800 Kg


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