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  A laminate, or in other words, a combination of layers of plastic film,  polymers, metal foil and

  paper, The layer are specifically chosen depending on the products to be packed and then bonded

   together using sophisticated.

  Thus we have laminates that can be designed to package everything from foodstuffs to surgical

  equipment and protect them from environmental and physical harm.


  A more cost efficient method of reproducing the protective properties of tins, can and jars has thus

  been found. The secret however lies in the concept of tailormade laminate. Like tailormade clothes,

  each products requires a laminate that's specially designed to suit it.


  Consider the typical wrapper for a bar of chocolate. It has a high quality polymer film surface for good

  printing characteristics. The polymer also forms a barrier that keep out moisture and odorous gases,

  which a chocolate tends

  to a absorb. Beneath, the polymer layer is reinforced by a layer of metal foil such as aluminium foil

  that completes the barrier against moisture and oxygen which attack the fat content of the chocolate.


  Finally, the inner -most layer is a special grade of polyethylene (PE) that is in direct contact with the

  chocolate and has excellent sealing properties.

  All these layers are bonded together by a completely odourless adhesive - once again because

  chocolate tends to absorb odour. Thus each laminate is product specific. And the laminate that's

  idea to make a chocolate wrapper, would be quite unsuitable for a bar of soap.


  But the business of flexible packaging has to go beyond identifying product specific laminates : and

  consider aspects like structural design of the pack, laminate-machine compatibility and selection

  of the right adhesives, solvents, printing inks and resins. A lackadaisical approach to these aspects

  could critically affect product shelf life and consequently affect consumer safety.

  A successful Flexible Packaging Materials thus has to go through several stringent tests before it

  is used commercially.

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