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    Everything which goes to in market to sell, needs packaging. The packaging should attend the buyer

    and also save the product in carrying, handling and transportation without a damage and


    Flexible packaging has vast field like

    TEA PACKING : for tea packing that packaging materials substrate is chosen  which save the flavor

                           & aroma of the tea so that ultimately user gets original flavor of tea.


     SNACK PACKING :  for snack packing only that packing materials is selected which save the

                                  crispiness of snack and possesses aroma retention properties


     BARRIER PACKING : Barrier packaging needs the oxygen and moisture barrier, good sealing

                                   strength, and mechanical strength. Thus special three-layers structure is

                                   provides for Barrier packing for such as meats.


     VACUUM PACKING : five-layer multi-layer film and nylon (NY) film is use, which is having good

                                   sealing strength and burst strength. This also applies for oil and pickle



     PACKING FOR ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY : these packaging materials for electronic industry are

                                  designed for packaging products requiring electro-static discharge protection.

                                  This packaging offer superior ESD protection for CNOS, MOS and other highly

                                  ESD sensitive components.

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