Environmentally safe, functional, light, cheap, retaining the fullest senses of taste and smell, usable

  both for deep- freeze and cooking application ; these are the most significant advantages that our

  Aluminium Foil Container offers for food packaging.


  Won Ji has a range of more than 200 containers in variety of shapes, edges, sizes specifically to meet

  any requirement. In addition to Aluminium Foil Containers, Won Ji has a wide range of complementary

  products for Food Packaging and Preservation.


  These include Al-foil reels for closing, folding, heat-sealing and printing.

  Lids in flat and Preformed Al-foil or Foil Board Laminated.


    Aluminium foil containers make it possible to pack the products at very early stage of the production,

    whereafter products and container accompany each other up to the moment when the products has

    been consumed.


    This make a very rational production and distribution and distribution possible. And it makes a number

    of things easier for the final consumer. Here is a short survey of the process your products can go

    through "dressed"  in an Aluminium Foil Container.


     - preparation / roasting / baking

    - freezing

    - sterilization / autoclaving

    - closing / sealing

    - marking/decoration / consumer information

    - packing

    - distribution

    - storing

    - display / stacking / sale

    - keeping-possibly in the freezer

    - re-heating in the oven

    - serving / consumption






    Aluminium foil containers go completed unaffected through the highest oven temperature and the lowest

    frost degrees. These temperature qualities make aluminium specially well suited for the food industry.

    In itself aluminium is completely neutral material. It has neither smell nor taste,and it does not absorb

    oxygen, moisture, fat, flavour or aroma substances.These qualities give aluminium foil container a

    built-in resistance to corrosion, which can be further enhances by lacquering. Another effect of thews

    qualities is that the container  constitutes an impervious barrier between the products and its     surroundings. Thus the container provides an effective protection against bacteria and light. And it

    prevents the product from giving off or absorbing moisture, taste, and aroma.

    The greatest advantage of the Aluminium Foil Container is that it can be tailored for the product in each

    individual case. Through choice of from, thickness, alloy, shape of edge, closing method, lid and

    decoration it is possible to adapt the appearance and qualities of the container meet exactly the

    demand of the products.


    You are not - as in the case of most of the other packaging - bound by a  standard shape.

    The aluminium container weights next to nothing, and is therefore easy to handle. It will nearly always

    have a conical shape so that it is easy to stack and stands steadily. And finally, both weight and

    shape make it easy to pack in cartons, which are prepared for direct display on the shelf or

    refrigerated counter. 

    Few packings makes so many things easier for the consumer in the daily housekeeping :  

    It is easy to carry home. The product does not have to be unpacked. It is can be kept in the packing.

    Frozen in the packing. heated in the packing.

    In this way, you can save both the cleaning of the oven, washing-up lf products plates, bowls, and



    The container is easy to open. You need neither scissors nor tin-opener, and you won't cut yourself.

    It is also easy to close again, if the contents are not fully used. And finally, it is easy to dispose of,

    when the products has been consumed. It can be crumpled up to nothing.

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